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Our vanillin-free fragrance oils are made with essential oils such as amber, coconut, vanilla, sandalwood, and mahogany to name a few. We provide subtle scents that do not overwhelm and can be paired with our Hydration sticks or butter creams. Select from two male fragrances King and Giant, two female fragrances Satoyia and Beautiful Girl, and one gender-neutral scent Jojoe. Enjoy!

King--Top notes of coconute, lemon and orange. Middle notes include geranium and violet, with a base note of patchouli.

Giant--Top notes include vanilla and sandalwood, with cedar and citrus base notes.

Beautiful Girl--A soft floral and apple scent with top notes of wild berry, pear, pineapple and melon. Middle notes feature jasmine, gardenia, and coconut, with a vanilla base note.

Satoyia--A mature scent with top notes of amber and bergamot, middle notes of citrus, and a base note of ginger.

Jojoe--Top notes of grapefruit and blue agava flower, middle notes of black pepper, and base note of cacao.

Category: Body Butter
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